Hard Hat Colors Are Not For Aesthetic Purposes

When there are construction projects, workers usually wear hard hats as safety gear. However, have you ever noticed that the project hard hats, for example, the pyramex hard hat, worn by these workers are colorful? The colors turned out to have a meaning, which can be explained as follows:

1. White

Users of the white project hard hats are usually the top brass of the project. Such leaders are, for example, project managers, engineers, foremen, and project supervisors. Usually, those who will be responsible for the project being worked on.

2. Yellow

The next hard hat color is yellow, and this color is often seen if there are projects being worked on. Yellow hard hats are usually used by ordinary workers or workers who usually work on projects. The yellow color is so striking that it is intended that workers are easily seen and minimize accidents that will be experienced by workers.

3. Blue

In addition to yellow, blue hard hats are also often found in projects. The blue hard hat is worn by technical operators, electrical contractors, temporary supervisors, and site supervisors. However, in reality, the blue hard hat is often worn by heavy equipment workers, such as forklifts, bulldozers, and cranes.

4. Green

Project workers who wear green hard hats are environmentally responsible for the project. That way, workers who wear green hard hats mean that they are cleaning service officers, environmental supervisors, or officers who work with the environment of the construction site.

5. Pink

Pink hard hats are usually rarely seen, when in fact there are pink hard hats that are usually used in projects. Workers who wear pink hard hats are new workers or interns. Pink hard hats make new workers or interns give the impression that they are still amateurs.

6. Orange

In addition to the yellow hard hat, the orange hard hat is often found in projects. The orange hard hat signifies the person wearing it as a guest from another company that normally reviews the project. Usually, those wearing orange hard hats are also equipped with orange vests.


Pros And Cons Pyramex Hard Hat


  • Works pretty good and the back swivels up and down for a more comfortable fit
  • Super light and comfortable
  • The hard hat itself is very comfortable to wear. … It’s light and secure
  • Works pretty good and the back swivels up and down for a more comfortable fit


  • it doesn’t feel very secure once on

7. Red

The next project safety hard hat color is red. Workers who wear red hard hats are usually tasked with controlling the safety system in the project. So it is not surprising that workers who wear red hard hats usually talk or yell a lot because they take care of the safety of all workers on the project.

8. Brown

The latter hard hat color may be rarely found, and that is the brown one. Workers wearing brown hard hats are usually associated with heat, for example, welding workers or pipe connectors. No wonder the color of this hard hat is rarely found because usually, workers who wear brown hard hats work in projects that are rarely seen from the outside.

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