These Are Some Uses Of Hard Hats

When at the construction site it becomes a common sight when meeting the workers wearing hard hats. The reason is this equipment is a part of a work safety gear that must be worn. As such, project workers, in particular, are required to wear them and if they break them will be subject to burdensome sanctions. Hard hats are different from vehicle helmets in general. The model is very simple like a hat and there is a chin strip on it. On this hard hat, there is also a suspension inside which is useful for the right size when worn. In addition, because this hard hat is a safety gear, the shell is made of strong, high-quality materials. If you want such a strong hard hat, we suggest you check out the pyramex hard hat.

Here are some uses of hard hats

Many companies require workers to wear hard hats. Even the workers will be penalized if they do not wear a hard hat. Because the hard hat is important for the safety of the workers. The following are some uses of wearing a hard hat:

1. Head Protection

Like a helmet in general, hard hats are certainly useful for protecting the head. Not surprisingly, many high-risk companies require workers to use hard hats. By using a hard hat, you can avoid injuries or accidents that occur in the construction project. It’s because, in many construction sites, some materials might fall from a high place. So wearing hard hats can protect the worker’s hat from the direct impact with the fallen construction materials.

However, hard hats are certainly different from most vehicle helmets in general, although they both function to protect the head. Hard hats are made to be stronger with quality materials to minimize injuries caused if something unexpected happens. The model is also made as simple as possible so as not to limit the vision for workers.

2. Identification of Position in a Construction Project

Have you ever found that the hard hat is colorful? The reason is, another function of the hard hat is for identification. These colors can be used as the identification of a worker who is in a project. So, if there are workers who wear hard hats in different colors, it means that the job desk and job responsibilities are different too.

The rules regarding the color of the hard hat, of course, apply in general and are applied in all countries and all companies. Therefore, you cannot wear the color of the hard hat at will, because the standards are set. Usually, in addition to hard hats, project identification is found on the worn vest or wearpack.


Pros and Cons Pyramex Hard Hat


  • Palace of my husband for work he loves it lightweight keep the Sun out of his face
  • Great ratcheting head gear, & very comfortable
  • It’s way stronger than my brothers and it’s hell comfortable
  • A little heavy but looks and feels great
  • Lightweight, sun protection & air holes


  • The cheep plastic on the headliner ripped and because of the poor design it wont work anymore
  • After about 8 months of almost daily use one of the bands inside broke
  • Also peeling off in less than 1 month of use

3. Safety Attributes

Aside from being the head protection gear, hard hats are also used as safety attributes. The reason is that when in the project construction site, workers are required to wear complete safety attributes including hard hats. Therefore, it is not surprising that the use of hard hats is very mandatory even as stated in the rules or SOPs in every project undertaken.

The use of hard hats as a safety attribute can minimize injury if an accident occurs to the workers. For example, when workers work on projects that have low light, using a hard hat that is strikingly colored will avoid accidents. It also can be a sign that there are workers who are in the project.

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