You Can Do These Tips For Wearing A Safety Hard Hat

Wearing a safety hard hat has many benefits, especially for workers with high-risk jobs. The use of a hard hat, like the pyramex hard hat, also needs to pay attention to several things. Here are some tips for wearing a safety hard hat:

1. Wear a Safety hard hat that is Work-Friendly

When you first wear a safety hard hat, make sure that the hard hat is suitable for the type of work you are doing. Try to wear the hard hat properly, then make sure that it is worn properly. The right hard hat will not be too big or too small, so it fits to protect the head well.

2. Check It Every Time You Will Wear It

Although you’ve worn it previously, the hard hat needs to be checked every time you wear it. Make sure that the hard hat is in good condition, and it is not cracked or damaged. If the hard hat is damaged, it can be replaced with a hard hat that is still good. Wearing a broken hard hat is certainly also dangerous for safety.

3. Clean and maintain the hard hat

Safety hard hats need to be maintained and cleaned so that they can protect the worker’s heads well. Cleaning this type of hard hat can use mild soap and warm water. Cleaners that are too hard should be avoided because they risk damaging the outer layer of the hard hat. The placement of the hard hat also needs to be considered, and it’s good to place the hat in a dry place that is not exposed to direct sunlight.


Pros And Cons Pyramex Hard Hat


  • Perfect for light construction sites
  • Carbon fiber look medium/light weight definitely stands out
  • It’s a cool looking hard hat and safe
  • Well constructed and light-weight


  • Hard hat is of terribly thin material
  • It has a bend on the edge other

4. Time to replace the hard hat

The right time to replace the safety hard hat with a new one actually depends on the condition of the hard hat itself. Most manufacturers provide specific recommendations when it is appropriate to change hard hats. The date of the recommendation to replace the hard hat is usually written on the outside of the hard hat. These safety hard hats generally last up to 2 years to 5 years.

5. Do wear another headcover

When wearing a safety hard hat, you may not wear another head covering inside it. Headgear like hats should not be worn when wearing this safety hard hat. Do not put any object inside the hard hat when you wear it. This is necessary so the hat fits on your head firmly, and so it reduces the risks of fatal injury when something falls on your hard hat when you wear it.

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